Technology | November 06, 2009

Acceletronics Debuts New KV Imaging IGRT Solution at ASTRO

November 6, 2009 - Acceletronics announced here at the 51st Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) that it will be introducing the new Theraview KV Imaging IGRT system for radiation oncology facilities.

The Theraview system is the first cost-effective IGRT solution that can be mounted to any brand of linear accelerator, whether Varian, Elekta or Siemens, allowing a seamless upgrade to KV-Imaging IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy).

“The KV-Imager is a natural extension of the MV-based electronic portal imaging device (EPID) IGRT solution that Theraview has been marketing and selling worldwide for many years,” states James Young, VP of Marketing for Acceletronics. After completing two successful beta tests at U.S. facilities, we are thrilled to offer the product nationally.”

The Theraview KV IGRT system is offered in single-head and dual-head configurations, and supplements the Theraview MV IGRT system (marketed as an electronic portal imaging device, or EPID).

The TheraView system is manufactured by Cablon Medical BV, dba Theraview Technology in the United States, and is distributed by Acceletronics, Inc., and Acceletronics Digital Imaging, LLC.

The TheraView system allows for more precise radiation therapy treatment delivery through the use of IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy). Immediately prior to each session for the delivery of radiation, the system takes a real-time x-ray image of the patient and compares it to the reference image taken during the treatment planning. Theraview then instructs the therapist of any changes, thereby allowing the therapist to reposition the patient, as necessary, to ensure the delivery of radiation is accurate.

TheraView Target Check software includes automated treatment beam shape verification and patient position verification which provides precision and control to clinicians needed for both conventional, image guided (IGRT) and intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).

The Theraview system is adaptable to Varian, Elekta and Siemens linear accelerator systems and is available with the advanced Theraview Couch Set-Up Assistant (TCSA) option to facilitate rapid couch movement.

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