Feature | Information Technology | April 05, 2016

Applying Information Technology

The ITN team has just returned from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS16) annual conference in Las Vegas, where more than 40,000 healthcare IT professionals gathered to learn about and share information on optimizing healthcare outcomes using information technology. 

At the conference, HIMSS unveiled the results of its 2016 HIMSS Connected Health Survey, conducted in partnership with the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA). The survey included insights from more than 200 IT, informatics and clinical professionals in U.S. hospitals and health systems regarding their organizations’ current and future use of connected health technologies. More than 50 percent of respondents indicated their hospital currently uses three or more connected health technologies, which helps bring into focus the growing importance these technologies play in the hospital setting.

Respondents to the survey found that the technologies implemented within hospital settings positively impacted capabilities to communicate with patients, along with the ability to deliver a higher standard of care. In addition, 69 percent of respondents whose hospitals are utilizing mobile-optimized patient portals indicated that the attention to a mobile environment expands the capability to send and receive data securely.

Currently, 52 percent of hospitals indicated the use of three or more of the following technologies:

58% — Mobile-optimized patient portals;

48% — Apps for patient education/engagement;

37% — Remote patient monitoring;

34% — Telehealth, audiovisual fee for service;

33% — SMS texting;

32% — Patient-generated health data; and

26% — Telehealth, concierge service.

Almost half of the respondents indicated their hospitals are looking to expand the array of connected health technologies they use. Another 5 percent expect their hospitals to become first-time users of at least one new connected health technology. The commonly cited technologies they plan on adding include:

• Telehealth, concierge service

• Patient-generated health data solutions

• SMS texting

For more results and insights on this survey, visit www.himss.org.