News | November 29, 2007

Wipak Medical and Healthmark Industries acquire Kimberly-Clark’s Peel Pouch Business

November 30, 2007 - Healthmark Industries Inc. and Wipak Medical acquired Kimberly-Clark Health Care’s peel pouch business this week.

Wipak produces flexible packaging, including peel pouches. Healthmark is a leading supplier of products for central sterilization, including sterilization packaging and accessories.

The acquisition will allow Healthmark and Wipak to establish a broader line of sterilization packaging in the market while allowing Kimberly-Clark to focus on innovation in the rest of its line of clinically preferred medical devices and supplies

As of Nov. 30 the Kimberly-Clark worldwide peel pouch and tubing business will officially transition to Healthmark. Healthmark will take ownership of all existing product inventories and assume full accountability for order processing, customer service, and other sales activities.

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