News | March 05, 2007

Welch Allyn’s Notifer Puts Efficiency in Nurses’ Hands

March 6, 2007 — Welch Allyn introduced Clinician Notifier, a uniquely designed remote notifer with new features that enhance nursing workflow.

In a few seconds at the beginning of each shift, a nurse uses a Clinician Notifier PDA to self-assign the patients for which she has primary responsibility. Then, throughout her shift, she receives alarms from her assigned patients and is able to determine the nature of the alarm and current patient status by viewing real-time patient data and waveforms. She also has the ability to access real-time waveform data and review historical events for any patient on the unit at any time.

Key features and benefits of the Clinician Notifier include: (1.) Patient Self Assignment, (2.) Ability to access real-time waveform and numeric data and event history from the Clinician Notifier mobile device. (3.) Ability to customize the type of alarms being transmitted to Clinician Notifier mobile devices, (4.) Bi-directional communication between the Clinician Notifier device and the Central Station (5.)Three-tiered alarm escalation; (6.) Automated warnings when off the network; (7.) Distinct alarm tones for low-level and lethal arrhythmias; and (8.) Secure and HIPAA compliant.

In addition, Welch Allyn unveiled its Connex Data Management System at the HIMSS07 Interoperability Showcase. Connex lets users automatically collect patient data and react to health changes as they're documented in their electronic medical records system (EMR). Connex provides a wide range of workflow options for the real world, eliminating manual data entry, providing access to important vital signs data, and alleviating many sources of data errors.

Connex automates the capture of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, and pulse oximetry data. It also captures manual measurements such as pain and respiration, and important reading qualifiers such as details of oxygen therapy.

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