News | February 20, 2014

Viztek Sees Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth

Viztek Digital radiography DR System X-ray PACS

February 20, 2014 — (HIMSS Booth #4388) Viztek, a provider of digital software and hardware diagnostic imaging solutions, announced 45 percent year-over-year revenue growth from the 2011-2013 calendar years. The company experienced 20 percent growth in digital radiography (DR), and 15 percent growth in software. The PACS replacement market was particularly strong for the company, with 75 replacements in 2013. In the same year, Viztek also saw a significant jump in its customer base of hospitals with more than 200 beds.

End-to-End Hospital Solutions
A key focus for Viztek during 2013 was the delivery of end-to-end digital solutions for hospitals. The company leveraged its DR products, including the Leggera Wireless DR detector, in its efforts to expand into community hospitals. The ISO 4090 cassette size wireless DR panel features technologies for image storage and productivity. With nearly 300 software sales, 75 of which were replacement PACS installations, Viztek also saw demand for its Opal suite of products. Viztek predicts a target for PACS in 2014 will be the 200-plus bed community hospital.

EHR for 2014 Line-Up
Viztek introduced a platform-agnostic EHR solution in December 2013. Compatible with MAC, Android, Windows and more, the EHR fully functions at the browser-based level regardless of the operating system or device used. With a modular design to provide facilities with practice management, billing, order entry, PACS, RIS and more, the system is meaningful use (MU) certified.

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