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Visage 7 Launches New Version of In-viewer Workflow

In-viewer workflow allows virtual assessment of patient’s complete federated imaging history

Visage Imaging, Visage 7.1.7, RSNA 2015, Enterprise Imaging Platform

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November 23, 2015 — Visage Imaging Inc. announced the global release of version 7.1.7 of the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform, featuring superior in-viewer workflow combined with dozens of new features and performance enhancements, according to the company. Visage will be exhibiting at the upcoming Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2015 annual meeting, Nov. 29 – Dec. 3, in Chicago. Visage 7 enables enterprise imaging with fast, thin-client, server-side processing technology, as well as simple diagnostic mobile access via Visage Ease Pro.

Visage 7.1.7 delivers in-viewer workflow tools for radiologists and physicians to visually assess a patient’s complete federated imaging history, along with the flexibility to access, finely choreograph and immediately display any combination of imaging components (e.g, studies, series, images). The platform incorporates comprehensive tools that supplement Visage 7’s sophisticated, multi-dimensional hanging protocols and study layouts:

  • Study Navigator. Intuitive, chronological visibility of all patient imaging, with intuitive drag and drop of image thumbnails into Visage 7 viewports. Relevant prior studies are highlighted for the user and automatically displayed with current imaging via hanging protocol and study layouts. Other priors can be displayed on-demand as complete studies or as individual series. Reports can be viewed even for studies that are not currently displayed, and additional prior studies can be displayed with on-the-fly federation;
  • Thumbnail Browser. Rapid visual assessment and organization of imaging studies via stacked and tiled image thumbnails, supporting intuitive drag and drop of image series into Visage 7 viewports;
  • Federated Query. Automated highlighting to users any available patient studies across a federated system, enabling rapid, prioritized, on-the-fly retrieval and display; and
  • Auto-Priors. Boolean engine for specifying study relevancy and automatically displaying relevant priors.

Historically, picture archiving and communication system (PACS) diagnostic viewers have lacked the necessary viewing and image access capabilities to enable physicians to sustain productive, high-quality diagnostic interpretation. The absence of the complete radiological record at the point of interpretation may lead to delayed care, unnecessary repeat imaging, postponed surgeries and extended hospital stays. Optimal in-viewer workflow smartly guides the reading physician past interruptions and delays in the study interpretation process.

Visage 7 will be an integrated solution at these five prominent vendor booths at RSNA 2015:

  • Barco. The Visage 7 enterprise viewer will be demonstrated on the color 12MP Barco Coronis Uniti display, providing the optimal unified interpretation experience;
  • Medicalis. Bi-directional, multi-tabbed integration between Visage 7 and the Medicalis Professional Solution will be demonstrated. Launching of Visage 7 will occur from the Medicalis Professional Enterprise Worklist;
  • Montage Healthcare Solutions. Integration between Visage 7 and Montage Healthcare Solutions will be demonstrated. Launching of Visage 7 will occur from Montage search results via Montage’s PACS Launch, as well as natively in context from Visage 7;
  • Nuance. Bi-directional integration between Visage 7 and Nuance PowerScribe 360 | Reporting version 3.5 and Montage Healthcare Solutions will be demonstrated. Launching of Visage 7 will occur from the PowerScribe 360 enterprise worklist Workflow Orchestrator. Visage 7 integration will also support multimedia reporting, enabling relevant PACS images to be embedded into reports; and
  • Primordial. Bi-directional integration between Visage 7 and Primordial workflow orchestration will be demonstrated. Launching of Visage 7 will occur from the Primordial worklist.

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