News | December 17, 2006

Tissue Welding May Offer Surgical Benefits

A human tissue welding technique was successfully implemented in breakthrough laryngectomy and chondrectomy procedures at the Kiev Regional Clinical Hospital between May and November of this year. Dr. Rustem A. Abizov, Otorinolaryngology chair at the Kiev Medical Academy for Postgraduate Studies, used the live biological tissue welding/bonding technology developed by a subsidiary of CSMG Technologies Inc.

The electro welding/bonding technology devices from Live Tissue Connect were used to surgically treat patients suffering from larynx cancer.

Dr. Abizov cited key advantages of the tissue welding technology for laryngectomy and chondrectomy resection: 1. reduced time of surgical interventions is by 1.5-2 times, 2. less time for hemostasis, 3. less time for the patient under anesthesia, 4. less blood loss (no more than 50 ml of blood of blood loss in welding surgeries as opposed to approximately four times that amount or approximately 200 ml in conventional laryngectomies), 5. the technology allows for both separation and reconnection of biological tissue (to form the pharyngoesophageal anastomosis), and, lastly, 6. considerably reduced amount of sutural materials needed for such surgical interventions.

"In all patients during the postoperative period were without complications and the wounds healed by primary intention. These patients are being followed-up and examined once a month," added Dr. Abizov.

Live Tissue Connect expects to complete a U.S. and European regulatory device for duct and vessel sealing meeting FDA and European CE Mark standards, respectively, and file for approval of the device with the two regulatory entities early next year.