News | June 13, 2007

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Pledges $10 Million for Cancer Care

June 14, 2007 - Susan G. Komen for the Cure, in partnership with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), will invest $10 million over the next four years to advance the quality of cancer care in the U.S. The two organizations will create programs and provide grants to support tangible improvements in access to and the delivery of cancer care with special emphasis on disparities in care and access to clinical trials.

“Even with great advances in science, there is a great divide in the delivery of quality cancer care,” said Hala Moddelmog, Komen for the Cure president and CEO. “Far too many people – racial and ethnic minorities, the poor, and those with little or no insurance – run up against barriers to access every day and are less likely to receive quality cancer care and are more likely to die from this disease. We believe this situation is entirely unacceptable, which is why we are working with ASCO and The ASCO Foundation to initiate sweeping changes.”

“The importance of quality cancer care cannot be over-emphasized as a key to long-term survival after a diagnosis of cancer,” said Gabriel Hortobagyi, M.D., president of ASCO. “This joint effort partners advocates and cancer physicians to tackle the complex issues of how to significantly improve quality of care for patients everywhere, regardless of their resources.

Solutions to the projected shortfalls of the oncology workforce in the next decade will also be addressed, as well as cancer survivors and their unique needs.

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