News | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | January 21, 2022

Strategic Radiology members now have access to StreamlineMD’s EHR Software to meet the unique needs of their office-based interventional radiology strategies

StreamlineMD, a national leader in electronic health record (EHR) software and revenue cycle management services for imaging and image-guided procedure specialists, is pleased to announce its new relationship with Strategic Radiology to offer EHR software for the office-based endovascular and interventional strategies of its growing list of member radiology practices.

January 21, 2022 — StreamlineMD, a national leader in electronic health record (EHR) software and revenue cycle management services for imaging and image-guided procedure specialists, is pleased to announce its new relationship with Strategic Radiology to offer EHR software for the office-based endovascular and interventional strategies of its growing list of member radiology practices.
Radiology practices are facing pressure from declining reimbursements and industry consolidation. Moreover, it’s challenging to get a positive return by providing interventional radiology (IR) services in hospital settings. IR is performed by highly trained and specialized radiologists that can treat a variety of challenging diseases with minimally-invasive image-guided techniques rather than surgery. Modern and entrepreneurial hospital-based radiology groups are adapting by increasingly launching office-based endovascular and interventional strategies which allow them to more efficiently document and capture patient office visits for consultations related to hospital-based interventional treatment. These basic offices are known as IR Clinics.
Once the practice establishes an office presence, it is common for the vascular interventional radiologists to also perform procedures in the office to treat diseases such as varicose veins and even more advanced arterial diseases with their minimally invasive image-guided techniques. Treating patients in an office environment is not only more convenient, and potentially safer for the patient, but is typically lower cost as well. These more advanced office environments, which typically include Ultrasound or C-Arm imaging equipment for image-guidance, are often referred to as Office-Based Labs (OBLs).
Strategic Radiology is a membership organization that is 100% owned by radiologist member shareholders. Member groups benefit from a Group Purchasing Program (GPP) that leverages economies of scale derived from being part of a larger organization while remaining independent entities in their individual markets. GPP discounts are available on technology, software, services, and business intelligence tools.
StreamlineMD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PRC Medical, LLC, is a boutique revenue cycle management (RCM) software and service company serving radiology and interventional radiology practices for over 46 years. A decade ago, the company noticed the emergence of interventional procedures being performed in offices. First for interventional pain management, then for varicose vein treatment, and most recently there’s been rapid growth in deep venous and arterial disease treatment. While interventional cardiologists and vascular surgeons were early adopters to this model of care, interventional radiologists soon followed, many by leaving groups to go into practice on their own. Today, radiology practices are embracing this trend as part of their overall strategy to compete.
To accommodate the unique workflow, documentation, coding and billing needs of office-based endovascular and interventional specialists, and ultimately improve patient care, StreamlineMD developed its highly specialized EHR software for office-based endovascular and interventional specialists. StreamlineMD EHR includes critical functions such as patient scheduling, patient portal, patient tracking, vitals monitoring, clinical note templates for evaluation and management and interventional procedures, nurse notes, charge capture, and more. Optional functions include marketing campaign management, prior authorization tracking, integrated PACS/DICOM SR, inventory management, handheld mobile apps, and more. Strategic Radiology member practices will have several options to choose from that include various combinations of StreamlineMD software and services. StreamlineMD is growing rapidly and now serves imaging and image-guided procedure specialists in 42 states.
According to Scott A. Bundy, M.D., FACR, and CEO of Strategic Radiology, “Many of our members either operate outpatient IR offices or are considering adding this service line. Access to StreamlineMD’s products and services will allow member groups to maximize operational efficiencies so they may focus on patient care.”
StreamlineMD CEO, Harry Curley, added, "StreamlineMD is excited to partner with an organization like Strategic Radiology that provides an umbrella of value-added services to community-based radiology practices looking to maintain their independence. Strategic Radiology has an experienced management team, and a sound strategy for continued growth. As radiology practices increasingly launch office-based endovascular and interventional strategies to improve patient care and overall performance, we are confident that our software and services will help Strategic Radiology member practices achieve their goals."

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