July 24, 2008 – Siemens Healthcare will showcase its ARTISTE Solution, a linear accelerator engineered specifically for Adaptive Radiation Therapy (ART), in addition to its portfolio of radiation therapy IT solutions at the 50th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) in Houston, July 27-31.

The ARTISTE Solution is an integrated imaging and workflow solution that offers a comprehensive portfolio of image-guided and advanced treatment delivery protocols, including in-room CT imaging capabilities and a new multileaf collimator, 160 MLC.
The ARTISTE Solution offers clinicians multiple imaging modalities.

From Megavoltage (MV) to gold-standard, in-room CT imaging, clinicians can select the optimal imaging application for their treatment approach. Siemens MVision Cone Beam Imaging Package delivers remarkable soft-tissue contrast, especially in challenging cases, such as imaging prostheses and with large patients. The CTVision CT-on-rails System provides in-room, diagnostic quality imaging; thus opening up opportunities to implement benchmark concepts, such as daily re-planning.

“ARTISTE’s design incorporates an array of proven components that reinforces clinicians’ confidence in adapting protocols for each patient,” said Holger Schmidt, chief executive officer, Oncology Care Systems, Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. “With ARTISTE, IMRT can be delivered within five minutes in most cases.”

For precise patient positioning, the 550 TxT Treatment Table meets is designed to promote accuracy and stability, while providing the mechanical strength to accommodate a patient weight capacity of up to 550 pounds.

Also being demonstrated at the Siemens booth is syngo VSim, a virtual simulation of radiotherapy treatment planning. syngo VSim supports target and critical structure delineation with isocenter localization; accurately models all structures, radiation beams and linear accelerator parameters; and produces high-quality DRRs, MPRs, MIPs and shaded surface displays to optimize the clinical process.

syngo VSim software can be accessed at the CT acquisition console or at post-processing workstations. The simulation tool also provides motion management solutions, such as multiple triggering device support and 4D contouring tools. All these advanced applications support the state-of-the-art Sensation Open platform, Siemens leading-edge offering for CT simulation.

syngo TrueD, a Siemens-exclusive multimodality software solution accelerates the cancer management workflow and offers high-quality biological therapy response assessment. syngo TrueD also enables physicians to efficiently compare patient scans from up to three different time points (e.g., pre- and post-therapy). By automatically registering and displaying PET/CT, SPECT/CT, CT or MR images from studies acquired at different times, this advanced application assists physicians in making better informed therapy and follow-up decisions.

Exclusively distributed by Siemens and on display at the Siemens AAPM booth will be the ImageGrid Archive Appliance, which supports ever-increasing storage needs for DICOM RT objects and is ideal for storing treatment plans, contours, treatment reports or any other RT specific objects.

For more information: www.siemens.com/healthcare

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