Sharing Medical Images and Other Patient Data

Stroke imaging using Ambra healthā€™s in built viewer.
Medical imaging, an often-overlooked piece of the puzzle in establishing a holistic patient health record, plays a fundamental role in the design ofā€¦
Ambra Health recently launched the Ambra ProViewer, which allows for mobile access for quick reads, and full diagnostic teleradiology capabilities from any device with a major web browser.
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a change that was already occurring in imaging-heavyĀ practices across the country ā€” the shift to a cloud-basedā€¦
Smart Algorithms May Relieve Interoperability Issues
Artificial intelligenceĀ may be important not only to get image sharing technologies to work together ā€“ but to make sense of the clinical data. Hugeā€¦
Defining the Role of Interoperability
When time matters, the need for fast and reliable image transfer is obvious. Eliminating compact disks (CDs) from the image sharing process can saveā€¦
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