Case Study | May 11, 2015

Sentara Healthcare Centralizes Storage and Cuts Costs with Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform

As their patient imaging storage requirements grew exponentially larger, Sentara Healthcare’s IT team looked to the future of image management beyond radiology. They are implementing an enterprise imaging strategy underpinned by Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform. They set the following goals:

  • Control storage costs: Reduce escalating image storage demands, costs, and management expense across their growing enterprise. 
  • Improve response time: Simplify complex routing rules that have become a contributing factor to a decrease in study retrieval response time by centralizing image storage regardless of image format (DICOM and non-DICOM), or originating modality. 
  • Define an ILM strategy: Define an image lifecycle management (ILM) service level agreement to meet business and clinical goals including key stakeholders’ goals (e.g., clinical, IT, legal, and corporate).
  • Become PACS agnostic and build an enterprise-wide imaging strategy: Adopt a phased deployment model that would allow Sentara to deploy a new enterprise-wide imaging strategy at a pace that met their specific business and patient satisfaction metrics regardless of the imaging vendor chosen. 
  • Build a partnership: Partner with a vendor that was nimble and could think on their feet in order to design and deliver a solution that would complement Sentara’s broader vision for patient image management across their growing enterprise.

To read the case study, click on the PDF link below.

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