News | January 27, 2008

SenoRx Launches Contura Multi-Lumen Balloon Catheter

January 28, 2008 - SenoRx Inc. recently launched the Contura Multi-Lumen Balloon (MLB) Catheter for delivering brachytherapy to the surgical margins following lumpectomy for breast cancer.

Contura is one of a new class of devices designed to reduce radiation treatment time from six to eight weeks to five days in patients eligible for the treatment. SenoRx believes that the Contura MLB can play an important role in the shift from traditional whole breast radiation therapy to localized partial breast radiation therapy.

Some patients who are candidates for balloon therapy are currently excluded because of the location of the lesion and their breast size. Contura's advanced multi-lumen design may address this issue for certain patients. In addition, the Contura MLB uses vacuum suction to remove excess seroma and air to enhance conformance of often irregularly shaped lumpectomy cavity walls to the balloon surface in order to deliver precise radiation dosing through multiple radiation source lumens.

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