News | July 10, 2012

Radisphere iPhone App Speeds Delivery of Critical Radiology Information

July 10, 2012 — Radisphere announced its Radisphere iPhone application to further improve the speed and quality of radiology services at its hospital clients.

The secure application provides referring physicians with access to Final Reports, Addendums and Critical Findings. Physicians are alerted via push notifications when Critical Findings and other information are available for their review. They can then acknowledge receipt of Critical Findings or initiate consults with Radisphere from within the mobile application, ensuring physicians make the most efficient use of their time so they can provide faster, more accurate diagnoses.

Physicians also can configure the specific notifications that they prefer to receive. For example, they can choose to have only emergent or stat findings sent to them, or they can configure the application to send non-emergency cases and addendums. With this kind of up-to-date diagnostic information available in real time at the point of patient care, physicians are better equipped to provide quality care based on timely and comprehensive radiology results.

“Radisphere’s iPhone app is an excellent, easy-to-use tool that allows me to act on critical information more quickly than ever before,” said Steven Mishkind, M.D., medical director of the emergency department at DeSoto Memorial Hospital in Arcadia, Fla. “It is also easy to arrange a consult with a Radisphere radiologist to discuss a report or a Critical Finding in greater detail. Radisphere’s iPhone app enables me to stay connected to information I require to care for my patients regardless of where I am in the hospital.”

The HIPAA-compliant Radisphere iPhone application not only facilitates the delivery of critical diagnostic information, but it also enables instant communication between providers and radiologists when consultations are needed. Through the mobile application, referring physicians have the flexibility to contact a radiologist directly or send requests for consultations that prompt Radisphere to call back immediately.

“The release of Radisphere’s iPhone application is yet another example of how our innovative technology enables the delivery and communication of critical diagnostic information to physicians so they can make the right clinical decision as quickly as possible,” said Scott Seidelmann, CEO and president of Radisphere. “Providing accurate information quickly improves the delivery of quality care and makes physicians more efficient.”

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