Synergy is the key to success in enterprise imaging, according to James Whitfill, M.D. This synergy can be achieved only through the harmonized efforts of the professionals who will be involved in enterprise imaging. Listen to the podcast.

In the accompanying podcast, Whitfill explains to Contributing Editor Greg Freiherr how a model, called DIAM (Diagnostic Imaging Adoption Model) can help institutions. This model, which evolved from a joint effort by SIIM (Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine) and HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) comes in two flavors – one purely focused on radiology, the other inclusive of the ologies that will be involved in enterprise imaging. The first, the radiology-centric model, is available. The second could be available in late summer or early fall.

As the incoming chair of SIIM, Whitfill will be able to help the evolution of DIAM. But this evolution is just one part of what Whitfill is promoting. At the upcoming conference, he will co-chair a session entitled “Designing Multidisciplinary Imaging Informatics Education.”

Informatics is deeply rooted in Whitfill’s past. While doing his residency in internal medicine, Whitfill also did a fellowship in informatics. He then founded – and remains as president -- a consulting company, called Lumetis, which advises clients on health care strategy, governance and analytics. He is also chief medical officer of Arizona-based Innovation Care Partners, a physician-led Clinical Integration Network and Accountable Care Organization.

It’s all about bringing separate yet related elements together, he said, to improve patient health and reduce health care spending. This kind of collaboration is important when planning for enterprise imaging.

“A very successful enterprise imaging implementation needs to have balance and fair representation from all the different specialties that will be providing images,” Whitfill told me. “Otherwise you will not be able to make the difficult decisions you have to make -- the prioritizations; the allocations of resources.”

Without good governance, enterprise imaging can “end up pitting departments against each other,” he said.


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