News | October 23, 2007

Pioneer Surgical Technology Acquires Angstrom Medica, Nanotechnology

October 24, 2007 - Pioneer Surgical Technology (PST) today announced its acquisition of Angstrom Medica Inc., the first company to obtain FDA approval for a nanotechnology device, the NanOss.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Angstrom Medica becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of PST and is part of its orthobiologics division.

NanOss chemistries enable products that are highly osteoconductive and can remodel over time into human bone. NanOss has potential application in trauma, spine and general orthopaedic markets.

NanOss, like human bone, is made of hydroxyapatite crystals. By controlling the material at the nanocrystalline level, the manufacturer says the resulting compound can have the strength of established polymer surgical implants.

Also in 2007, PST acquired Encelle Inc., a firm that develops novel products for tissue regeneration including E-Matrix, a sterile, injectable biopolymer designed to repair or regenerate diseased or damaged tissue.

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