News | August 13, 2007

Patient Care Technology Systems Announces Tracking of 3 Million Patients

August 14, 2007 — Patient Care Technology Systems (PCTS) announced that over three million emergency and surgical department patient encounters have been managed collectively by the company's automatic tracking customers since PCTS installed its first automatic tracking system in 2000.

PCTS supports a national customer base of over 60 facilities and is a leading provider of emergency department information systems and automatic patient and asset tracking systems for emergency department, surgical service and enterprise-wide needs.

Delaware-based Christiana Care Health System (Christiana Care) is one of PCTS' busiest automatic tracking customers. Together Christiana Care's two emergency departments treat approximately 150,000 patient visits each year. In 2004, Christiana Care implemented the Amelior EDTracker software from PCTS in the emergency department of Christiana Hospital. Early in 2006, Wilmington Hospital's emergency department implemented the emergency department automatic tracking system.

Amelior EDTracker is compatible with all leading locating technologies to support the range of locating requirements among healthcare providers. These include systems that use ultrasound, RFID, ultra-wideband and infrared light. Business process rules within the software utilize the location data to identify patient care milestones and to anticipate and facilitate progression to the next step in a caregiver's workflow. Movement and interactions trigger an evaluation of pre-determined rules and decides what, if anything, that interaction means in the context of the patient's status and department workflow. If an interaction was significant, additional software logic determines what to do next such as change a patient status, assign a task for the caregiver, or send a notification to a staff member.

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