July 10, 2007 - Cancer patients in Illinois will soon have access to proton therapy, a highly advanced form of radiation treatment, at a new center to be located in DuPage County. A Chicago-area physicians group, Radiation Oncology Consultants Limited (ROCL), Central DuPage Hospital, Winfield and ProCure Treatment Centers Inc., Bloomington, IN, announced today that they will collaborate to make this treatment available to patients in need.

The new four-room center will be the first to open in Illinois, and only the eighth in the country. The hospital filed a letter of intent late yesterday with the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board and construction crews will be able to break ground for the center within a month of the regulatory board granting its approval of the project. If approval is received by this fall, the center would open to treat patients in January 2010.

ProCure Treatment Centers will manage the construction, operation and maintenance plan for the $125 million, 58,000-square-foot facility that will have the capacity to accommodate up to 1,500 patients per year. The company anticipates the development of the treatment center will create approximately 100 full-time jobs and 850 temporary positions for construction and start-up operations. Illinois-based contractors will be used to construct the facility.
ROCL physicians chose to partner with ProCure following an exhaustive three-year search to identify and evaluate the best way to provide their patients access to proton therapy. ROCL and ProCure, in turn, selected Central DuPage Hospital, a nationally recognized institution.

For more information: www.chicagocancer.com., www.cdh.org, www.ProCureCenters.com

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