OncoView Offers PACS Features for Image-Based Oncology

The OncoView image management and storage solution combines the storage capability of enterprise PACS with features designed specifically to support today's image-based oncology programs. OncoView stores diagnostic, planning and pre-treatment setup images, as well as the associated DICOM RT layers that are crucial to making those images informative, meaningful components to the patient's oncology treatment record.

Business logic in OncoView manages DICOM RT objects over multiple treatment sessions and recognizes plan changes made over time so you can retrieve images and evaluate them in the context of each patient's unique clinical storyline. You can store any or all images in OncoView or use any external DICOM-compliant archiving solution. When you're ready to retrieve the images, OncoView automatically applies the DICOM RT structures to them for viewing.

Solution Highlights:
-Thin-client, multi-modal DICOM image viewer
- Configurable, reliable, scalable, cost-effective storage with RAID 6 protection
- HL7- and DICOM-based communication for use with 3rd party information systems, treatment planning systems, and PACS

Storage Appliance:

OncoView incorporates proven technology from XStor Medical Systems for reliable, scalable storage management.

- Online checksums, snapshots, and non-disruptive storage expansion
- Rule-based broker to parse, recombine and route select image data to enterprise PACS
- Targeted crawler to retrieve patient information from other PACS devices

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