News | August 02, 2007

OncoLogics Inc. Signs Deal for Developing PBRT System

August 3, 2007 - OncoLogics Inc., a comprehensive radiosurgical and radiation therapy clinic in southwest Louisiana, announced that it has entered into an agreement to purchase a Clinatron-250 proton beam radiation therapy (PBRT) system, still under development, from Still River Systems, reportedly becoming the only center in Louisiana to commit to this technology.

Te Clinatron 250 PBRT System is said to be a practical, cost-efficient, single-room PBRT system scaled for use at most cancer centers. The heart of the Clinatron 250 System will be a compact, superconducting high field magnet which directs a proton beam toward a precisely defined isocenter.

Included in the Clinatron 250 PBRT System will be a cyclotron, the proton beam delivery system, a treatment couch with pendant control, a radiographic patient positioning system, proton beam treatment planning, and a link to a treatment record and verify system.

Currently, five U.S. health care facilities have large-scale proton beam Radiation therapy systems which weigh more than 440,000 pounds, require almost 100,000 square feet of space and carry a price tag upward of $150 million for the equipment and building. A group of physicists and scientists from MIT and other academic proton research facilities have spent years developing a smaller, more economical cyclotron that can produce and deliver protons for Radiation therapy. To date, nine centers have committed to purchasing this new technology.

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