News | September 16, 2008

New Cancer Foundation Offers Information On Bone and Cancer

September 17, 2008 - Bone metastasis and other bone-related complications affect hundreds of thousands of cancer patients each year.

The newly organized Bone and Cancer Foundation (BCF) provides information to patients and healthcare providers on the management of cancer that affects the bone through its publications and website The web site also includes information on clinical trials.
The six patient publications which are now available in print and on the website are:

- Breast Cancer, Bone Metastases, & Treatment-Related Bone Loss

- Prostate Cancer, Bone Metastases, & Treatment-Related Osteoporosis

- Myeloma Bone Disease: Current and Future Treatment

- Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: Information for Cancer Patients

- Vitamin D Deficiency: Information for Cancer Patients

- What Lung Cancer Patients Need to Know about Bone Health

All BCF publications are free of charge.

For more information: