News | January 30, 2008

New Book Chronicles Recovery of Football Player Kevin Everett, Highlights Induced Hypothermia

January 31, 2008 – Today the new book “Standing Tall: The Kevin Everett Story” by Sam Carchidi was released, which describes the challenge the NFL player faced recovering from a major spinal injury that left him temporarily paralyzed, and how induced hypothermia may have helped in his quick recovery.

The doctors of the Buffalo Bills tight end started administering cold saline following the injury to help reduce swelling on the spinal cord. He was also kept in a hypothermic state following surgery. The book details the controversial medical procedure used on Everett.

The book also details accounts from his rigorous rehabilitation the past four months and the thoughts he experienced immediately after being hit on the field in the season opener in September against the Denver Broncos.

Four months later and after major rehabilitation, Everett has regained his ability to walk. The 216-page book takes the reader inside one of the most traumatic injuries and dramatic recoveries in sports history.

Oprah Winfrey welcomed Everett on her show Jan. 31. Good Morning America will welcome Everett to its show Friday, Feb. 1. ESPN’s SportsCenter will also run Everett’s story on Friday as well.

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