Technology | August 15, 2007

Levitan Scope Aids in First Pass Success

The Levitan FPS Scope is the first difficult airway device designed to be integrated into a first pass laryngoscopy strategy, providing fiberoptic visualization, as needed, within five seconds for every intubation.
First pass success requires knowledge and skill to achieve success on the first attempt at laryngoscopy. The Levitan FPS Scope incorporates fiberoptic technology into every intubation and helps avoid trauma from multiple laryngoscopies.
With the Levitan, one can visually confirm tube placement in seconds, avoiding long attempts at intubation and
rescue ventilation.
Optimize laryngoscopy with the best available technology, while remaining within your current technique for airway management. The scope mimics a traditional stylet, with the addition of fiberoptic technology, allowing for visual confirmation and helping to achieve first pass success on every intubation.