News | December 29, 2014

Laurel Bridge Software Demonstrates Enterprise Imaging Workflow Interoperability at RSNA 2014

Navigator and Compass ensure prior imaging studies are available for radiologists

December 29, 2014 — Laurel Bridge Software showcased enhancements to its Compass and Navigator products at RSNA 2014.

Compass and Navigator are workflow solutions that can be implemented by healthcare providers and OEM integrators. They can function separately or as a unified solution to capture, identify and move new and existing DICOM imaging studies across disparate clinical IT systems. This enables medically-necessary imaging studies to be available to clinical staff at the point of care.

Compass automates the ingestion and distribution of imaging studies among disparate clinical imaging and IT systems, ensuring new studies are delivered to the right radiologist or specialist at the right time, regardless of the number of locations. The product also ensures imaging studies are properly identified and associated with the correct patient, originating location and study description and can enable:

· Creation of site-specific workflows that span technology domains

· Distribution of imaging studies to multiple reading and archiving locations

· Automation of the manual study ingestion process

· Time-specific teleradiology workflow

Navigator ensures prior imaging studies are available to enhance the diagnostic process, by automating their retrieval and sharing across disparate clinical imaging systems. Compass can also trigger Navigator to ensure the correct prior imaging studies are available to the appropriate radiologist at the right time, regardless of the location the studies are stored and the location of the originating study. Navigator has the ability to:

· Associate prior imaging studies that may reside on multiple systems

· Facilitate movement of multiple studies to any number of disparate destinations

· Support pre-fetch based migration programs as well as primary reading

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