News | September 24, 2007

Kryptiq’s CareManager 3.3 Aids Chronic Care

September 24, 2007 – Kryptiq, a provider of healthcare connectivity solutions, released CareManager 3.3, a disease management solution that provides physicians with information to care for patients with chronic disease.
By utilizing data stored in the electronic health record (EHR), CareManager allows timely interventions based on comprehensive clinical information. The 3.3 release includes new filtering capabilities to sort patient panels, enabling new levels of patient tracking and identification.
The program can perform a risk stratification of patients based on multiple risk criteria.
It also includes a new heart failure module that allows physicians to manage patients based on health indicators, including lowest left ventricle ejection fraction. A new osteoporosis module also helps manage at risk patients utilizing bone mineral density test values.
Providence Medical Group (PMG), an employed group of 130 primary care physicians in 12 practices in and around Portland, Oregon, has been using CareManager since 2001 and seen significant improvements in the outcomes of its patients and the efficiency and functionality of its practice. By the year 2000 PMG groups had virtually eliminated paper records; however, they soon discovered their outcomes for diabetes were no better than the national average. Following the implementation of CareManager, Providence demonstrated a 58 percent increase in the number of diabetic patients who achieved control of their cholesterol and blood pressure levels. These improvements significantly reduced the risk of heart disease across a diabetic patient population of more than 6,000. Providence also documented a 250 percent increase in foot screenings, helping to stem the rate of later amputations. Providence generated more than $4,000 of additional service revenue per physician in the first year of use, without hiring any additional staff.

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