Konica Minolta is Leading the Way in Advancing Radiology Through Technical Innovation

 Konica Minolta Healthcare has focused on developing an advanced yet customizable Workflow Design Engine for Exa, a web-based, modular platform that includes RIS, PACS, Billing, specialty viewers and enterprise imaging tools
A Radiology Information System (RIS) is the engine that drives radiology workflow. That’s why Konica Minolta Healthcare has focused on developing an…
To further these efforts, Konica Minolta has partnered with 1QBit, an advanced and quantum computing software company with a strong focus on AI, based in Canada.
The landscape at the Radiological Society of North America’s 2020 (RSNA20) conference was different for everyone this year — attendees and exhibitors…
Exa Gateway connects hospital radiology departments, radiology practices and teleradiologists through technology and services to enable cost-effective and efficient remote reading capabilities.
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic vastly altered the way of doing business for most industries, radiology included. Some facilities opted to keep…
Konica Minolta’s Exa Platform zero-footprint viewer with server-side rendering enables remote reading and reduces strain on the network by keeping files on the server and off of individual devices
  The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way radiologists read images and today facilities struggle to define a “new normal” way to work. Given…
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