News | September 27, 2013

Jan Medical Collaborates With Brainlab on Brain Imaging System

Company’s portable, non-invasive brain sensing system Nautilus NeuroWave is designed to rapidly and reliably detect abnormal neurological conditions, including ischemic stroke, vasospasm and concussion

September 27, 2013 — Jan Medical and Brainlab announced a collaboration and Series B funding efforts to complete two clinical trials and the subsequent filing of two product 510(k)s with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Brainlab will also add a member representative to the Jan Medical Board of Directors.

Jan Medical has successfully completed a vasospasm study at UCSF Hospital led by Principal Investigator (PI) Professor Wade Smith, M.D. Patients recovering from subarachnoid hemorrhagic (SAH) can suffer symptomatic spasm within the cerebral vasculature leading to cerebral infarction. Current monitoring technologies in the neurocritical care units are not universally applicable, are highly operator dependent and are not always available when needed. The Nautilus NeuroWave is designed to provide simple, reliable monitoring to all patients recovering from SAH and to provide timely information for those managing these critically ill patients.

In other developments, an investigator-led clinical trial by PI Prof. Paul Auerbach M.D., Stanford University, is investigating the possible utility of the Nautilus NeuroWave to detect and track recovery from sports-related concussion.

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