News | Enterprise Imaging | November 19, 2020

Infinitt Highlights Enterprise Imaging Platform with Extensive Line of Diagnostic Capabilities at RSNA 2020

Infinitt has added a Digital Pathology Solution and a Radiation Therapy PACS to its product offerings

Infinitt has added a Digital Pathology Solution and a Radiation Therapy PACS to its product offerings

November 19, 2020 — Infinitt North America, a single-source provider of enterprise imaging solutions for healthcare, will be participating in RSNA’s virtual meeting, November 29- December 5, 2020, and invites attendees to connect and learn about Infinitt’s diagnostic viewers for radiology, mammography, cardiology, pathology, oncology, ophthalmology, and dental imaging. Infinitt offers Infinitt Healthcare Platform (VNA), an enterprise viewer, encounters-based imaging workflow (EBIW), enterprise search capability for research and clinical decision support, and a multi-disciplinary workflow with patient-centered integrated worklist.

Infinitt solutions are offered as cloud-based solutions, on-premises turnkey solutions including hardware and software with/without managed services, and software only solutions using the customer’s VM or server environment.

Featured Products:

  • Infinitt Healthcare Platform (IHP), a standards-based VNA that manages DICOM and non-DICOM data on a powerful database. Includes routing, ILM, system monitoring and seamless integration with your EMR for content sharing and display.
  • Infinitt PACS 7.0 for Radiology, a fast and powerful diagnostic viewer built to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance reading workflow, to support diagnostic accuracy and to enrich the user experience. New features include a highly configurable Dynamic Worklist, thumbnail images of patient priors, navigation shortcuts, embedded image fusion, and auto-registration of images. The mammography viewer, Infinitt Mammo PACS, provides a full toolset for breast imaging, with newly updated features tailored to mammography screening. These include layout modes and sequences, a mammography keypad, higher image quality and easier-to-navigate UI. The mammography viewer supports breast tomosynthesis with specialized features such as mammography tomosynthesis CAD SR, direct movement to lesions in frames, and tomo slab rendering to improve the visibility of micro- calcification. Optional modules include embedded Speech Recognition, Enterprise Search capability, dose management, business analytics and advanced communication and conferencing tools.
  • Infinitt RIS, driven from the same powerful database as Infinitt PACS, eliminating interfaces between systems and simplifying integration with EMRs and third- party billing systems. New features in Infinitt RIS are designed to eliminate time-consuming tasks in your radiology department or imaging center workflow.
  • Infinitt Advanced Visualization Platform offers seamless integration with third-party Advanced Visualization packages. This allows physicians to access post-processing and analytical tools from within the Infinitt viewer, and to save their work with a single sign-on and no disruption in reading workflow.
  • Infinitt AI Platform allows you to access a library of AI algorithms to test and/or deploy, with seamless integration into clinical workflows. Infinitt has marketing partnerships with independent AI developers Vuno, Lunit, Aidence, CureMetrix, and more.
  • Infinitt Cardiology Suite is a web-based PACS and reporting system for cardiology and vascular imaging, EKG and nuclear medicine. It integrates all your cardiovascular data into one solution, streamlining image management, analysis, reporting and submission to data registries. Infinitt Cardiology Suite can be used as a stand-alone system or become fully integrated with Infinitt PACS, consolidating data for the EHR. Sophisticated report creation with auto-population of measurements and interpretations.
  • Infinitt Digital Pathology PACS* (IDPS) enables quantitative image analysis and remote reading for primary diagnosis and multi-disciplinary review.  IDPS facilitates collaboration, research, and the application of AI. (*Pending FDA approval).
  • Infinitt RT PACS, a dedicated Radiation Therapy solution that centralizes and displays all treatment plans, dose distribution information and treatment summaries. Infinitt RT PACS creates a more collaborative and patient-centered environment, as it improves communication with referring physicians and specialists.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Platform (MDT), with patient-centered integrated worklist, enables physicians to view images and documents from all departments. One click brings up a dedicated viewer for each study. Optimized communication tools and screen sharing to support telemedicine. Integrated management and retrieval of all data required for Precision Medicine.

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