News | October 24, 2007

Hospitals Say New Cordless Phone Helps Communication With Patients Who Speak Diverse Languages

October 25, 2007 - Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix recently completed a beta test of the ClearLink Cordless, the new dual-handset phone from CyraCom, offers access to medical interpreters so patients who do not speak English can communicate with clinicians.
The device is reportedly used for over-the-phone interpretation in more than 1,000 hospitals and healthcare facilities across the nation. Banner Good Samaritan Language and Cultural Services Manager Maria Burruel said the cordless phone is set up for immediate availability at a nurses’ station.
“In our fast-paced environment, this helps us be more responsive to our patients’ needs,” she said.
South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, NY, serves Long Island and also was a ClearLink Cordless beta test site. Treating physical therapy patients whose language preference is other than English means mobility for telephonic interpretation is crucial. Chief Physical Therapist Nancy L. Glessner said the cordless handsets and headset option make over-the-phone interpretation much more effective while treating patients during physical therapy.
CyraCom provides languages services, including document translation and medical interpreter testing and training, in addition to telephonic interpretation.

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