Technology | March 09, 2010

High-Quality Cardiac Echo Offered at the Bedside

The M-Turbo hand-carried ultrasound system.

Advanced imaging features are offered by Sonosite for cardiac imaging. These include SonoHD imaging technology and SonoMB multibeam imaging technologies, which provide superior contrast resolution and tissue differentiation, supporting complete diagnostic examinations and ultrasound-guided imaging procedures. The systems also offer customized presets for individual clinical applications.

SonoSite’s SonoADAPT Tissue Optimization feature automatically adjusts multiple image parameters with the touch of a button. The systems also offer automated gain control.

SonoSite systems are fluid-resistant, making them easy to clean and disinfect, which is important for infection control. SonoSite’s hand-carried systems are ready to use within 20 seconds of booting them up. It takes minutes for PC-based units.

For cardiac and vascular imaging, Sonosite offers the hand-carried M-Turbo, NanoMaxx and MicroMaxx ultrasound systems.

In addition to its imaging systems, Sonosite offers the BioZ Dx advanced impedance cardiography and reporting tool to noninvasively measure hemodynamic parameters. The system uses the BioZ AdvaSense Sensor, a single-use, disposable sensor that has an extra wide footprint that adheres directly to the patient to ensure accurate data transmission and receipt for reproducible parameter measurements.

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