News | November 15, 2007

Hendricks Regional Health Increases Patient Safety With Omnicell WorkflowRx 5.0

November 16, 2007 - Hendricks Regional Health in Danville, IN, this week said it successfully installed the Omnicell WorkflowRx 5.0 central pharmacy automation, which with new, user-friendly graphical user interface and intelligent workflow features automates the ordering, receiving, stocking, dispensing and unit-dose packaging of medications.

“The exceptional pharmacy staff at Hendricks Regional Health has been using Omnicell WorkflowRx 5.0 on a daily basis and have personally experienced the flexibility and efficiency it brings to our process,” said Mark A. Roy, PharmD, director of pharmacy, Hendricks Regional Health. “With its added automation and intelligent workflow features, we've been able to improve patient safety while managing inventory and purchasing functions.”

Omnicell WorkflowRx 5.0 enhances patient safety and increases productivity throughout the pharmacy automation process. The WorkflowRx 5.0 solution drives an automated unit-dose medication packaging system, and a central pharmacy carousel system to manage 100 percent of the central pharmacy inventory and dispensing tasks.

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