Technology | August 15, 2007

Haemoscope Announces PlateletMapping Assays for Optimal Antiplatelet Therapy

Haemoscope Corp. has developed PlateletMapping assays, combining automated platelet aggregation with the
company’s proprietary TEG 5000 (Thrombelastograph) Hemo-stasis System.
The assays measure inhibited platelet function against maximum platelet function for optimal antiplatelet therapy and demonstrate the degree of inhibition by different platelet inhibitors as well as providing maximum platelet function, which can be used as a reference point for determining an anti-platelet regimen.
The combination of total platelet function and ADP or AA-activated platelet function allows detection of drug resistance as well as the therapeutic efficacy of Plavix, aspirin and GPIIb/IIIa inhibiting drugs. As a result, the PlateletMapping assays provide clinicians with the information needed to personalize a patient’s anti-platelet therapy, based on actual hemostatic state, rather than on body weight or the concept that “one dose fits all.”
The assays also help determine who can go to surgery immediately and who should wait for platelet recovery without the potential risk of an ischemic event. The PlateletMapping assays have received FDA clearance and can be used as a more powerful alternative to current tests for measuring platelet function in hemostasis.

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