News | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | September 04, 2020

DrChrono Adds Integration with KeepWell RPM and CCM Solutions

KeepWell acts as a virtual extension to the physician care team to provide remote patient care for seniors while storing vital patient data in the DrChrono platform

KeepWell acts as a virtual extension to the physician care team to provide remote patient care for seniors while storing vital patient data in the DrChrono platform

September 4, 2020 — DrChrono Inc.,the company developing the essential platform and services for modern medical practices, announced today that KeepWell RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) and CCM (Chronic Care Management) solutions are now integrated with the DrChrono platform. KeepWell’s bundled comprehensive solutions and services offer an experienced clinical staff available 24x7 to seniors, FDA-approved medical RPM devices and seamless software fully integrated with the DrChrono platform.

KeepWell RPM now integrated with the DrChrono is capable of accurately recording and reporting a wide range of patient vitals typically with chronic diseases regardless of their physical location or condition, such as, EKG, pulse, blood glucose, blood pressure, and Sp02. The RPM devices available through KeepWell include: Glucometer, Activity/Sleep Wearable, Blood Pressure Monitor, Body Scale and Oximeter. The patient data is automatically collected and then transferred in real-time to the patient’s DrChrono EHR (Electronic Health Record) for the physician to review.

KeepWell’s CCM solutions also help DrChrono’s practices meet their Medicare requirements, maximize revenues, improve patient outcomes, and assist with clinical documentation and proper coding. The benefits of this integration can also help optimize staff workload by reducing administrative tasks, meet CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) mandates and improve MACRA scores.

“Our goal is to create more personalized relationships between the patient and physician, to improve the patient experience while boosting practices' revenue,” said Dawn LeFevre, Success Manager at KeepWell.  “Utilizing KeepWell's solutions, practices will be given the tools to monitor key patient information and ensure that patient-centered interventions are being developed to improve their health outcomes."

“With more physicians turning to virtual care, telehealth and EHRs that manage critical patient data are the lifelines to modern healthcare,” said Daniel Kivatinos, co-founder and COO of DrChrono. “By adding KeepWell, DrChrono practices can focus on patient care and have access to real-time patient data, while the KeepWell team works behind the scenes to coordinate the logistics, reports and documentation.”

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