Technology | October 16, 2007

Draeger Medical Releases Innovian Anesthesia 2.0

Draeger Medical recently announced the release of Innovian Anesthesia 2.0, featuring system improvements based on llary information systems. It gives clinicians fast access to patient data, which can minimize multiple handoffs and duplextensive customer feedback and expanded capability for IT performance in the perioperative suite.

It provides additional support for ease of access, enhanced security functions to promote compliance with HIPAA regulations and additional notification capabilities that increase visibility to data coming from other systems.

Innovian Anesthesia 2.0 integrates near real-time, life-critical information from patient monitoring, medical therapy devices, and other anciication of effort that occurs with paper records. Hospitals that standardize on Draeger Medical solutions for IT, patient monitoring and therapy devices, have a reportedly consistent, harmonized graphical user interface (GUI) across their devices.

Because Innovian Anesthesia can offer seamless connectivity to medical devices and other XML or HL7 capable hospital software systems, clinicians are able to access vital signs, patient demographics and lab results quickly and easily. The information is then automatically integrated into the Innovian Anesthesia patient’s electronic record in a secure manner, supporting the clinician in their patient care process.