Technology | October 10, 2007

Covidien to Spotlight Oxinet III

The Oxinet III remote monitoring system from Covidien enables effective respiratory monitoring on general care floors, step-down units and specialty care areas.
The Oxinet III central station and paging system offers a reportedly cost-effective method for implementing continuous pulse oximetry monitoring in areas with lower nurse-to-patient ratios. The system provides continuous central station monitoring of up to 24 Nellcor pulse oximeters, providing earlier notification of developing respiratory events.
Studies have shown a nearly 50% reduction in patient care costs for ICU readmissions among patients who received continuous pulse oximetry monitoring vs. spot checking.
The Oxinet III features a fully-integrated CPU/display with touchscreen keyboard for a smaller footprint at the nurse's station and streamlined interface improvements to more easily move patients on and off the system.
It is available in both hardwired and wireless configurations of up to 24 beds per system, and an optional paging system to supplement central station alarms. Patient trend data can be stored on USB drives for archive and analysis.
Score analysis software functionality has been integrated into the Oxinet III system to help streamline inhospital sleep screening and Oxinet III systems use Windows NT security and wired equivalent privacy (WEP) encryption to ensure protection of patient data.

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