News | Enterprise Imaging | March 16, 2022

Secure enterprise cloud service protects valuable data backups from ransomware and other threats with an offline and immutable storage Location

CloudWave is an independent cloud and managed services software hosting provider in healthcare, today announced its new OpSus Vault offering.

March 16, 2022 — CloudWave is an independent cloud and managed services software hosting provider in healthcare, today announced its new OpSus Vault offering. Data is growing exponentially and is more critical than ever to powering healthcare. OpSus Vault is designed to protect a healthcare organization’s valuable data backups against increasingly effective ransomware and malicious insider threats by creating a secure, offline, and immutable storage location.

In the case of ransomware and other threats, a hospital’s existing backups are often infected along with the primary production environment. Additionally, there has been an increase in malicious actors targeting backup infrastructure to disrupt operations further. OpSus Vault helps create an immutable backup consisting of a standalone copy with distinct security protocols, locked to prevent encryption, edits, and deletes.

This immutable storage location keeps the protected extra copy separated from the rest of the data storage and IT environment, particularly from the domain structure, for an extra layer of insurance. OpSus Vault deploys a secure, air-gapped cloud storage location that receives a save-set from an additionally scheduled backup job. The cloud location then replicates a copy of its stored contents to a secure vault located on a separate domain with an immutable storage policy. While this immutability policy is in effect, editing and deleting data is not allowed, and access is prohibited.

Therefore, if a security incident renders a healthcare organization’s normal save-sets unusable, CloudWave will make a recent copy of the immutable backup accessible. As a result, OpSus Vault’s immutable backup can be restored much more quickly than working around corrupted primary and secondary copies.

“Most organizations know how to architect a backup system to store multiple copies on different media with at least one remote save-set, but these backups can still be deleted if the appropriate credentials are compromised,” said Matt Donahue, Chief Technology Officer of CloudWave. “By isolating backups on a separate domain and applying an immutability policy, OpSus Vault adds additional layers of protection against these types of threats.”

CloudWave helps hospitals architect, build, and integrate a personalized solution using managed private cloud, public cloud, and cloud edge resourcesIts OpSus Cloud Services support more than 125 EHR, clinical, and enterprise applications. OpSus Vault may be purchased as a standalone service or as an add-on to OpSus Backup.

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