News | February 25, 2009

Carestream Features Wireless DR, Orthopedic PACS at AAOS 2009

February 25, 2009 — Carestream Health Inc. showed the industry’s first cassette-size, wireless digital radiography (DR) detector, as well as an orthopedic PACS solution, at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS 2009) meeting this week.

The CARESTREAM DRX-1 System, shown as a work in progress, will be available in many regions of the world in the second quarter of 2009. The DRX-1 will provide an affordable, smooth transition to a highly productive DR workflow since it can be deployed in all applications where a 14-by-17 inch (35-by-43 cm) X-ray cassette would be used. This system does not require modification of existing X-ray rooms, which can enable increased adoption by orthopedic practices as well as other healthcare providers. The DRX-1 system is designed to deliver high-quality preview images in about five seconds. Its compact size and light weight further enhance convenience and throughput.

The KODAK CARESTREAM PACS, MX-Ortho Solution is currently available in the United States and Canada. It is a Web-based platform that allows for image review and use of advanced measurement tools including Cobb angle, Coxometry, Goniometry and pelvis measurements; long-length image review; edge enhancement; as well as image viewing and adjustment options. This solution includes Carestream Health’s streaming technology to speed digital image transfer even over low bandwidth networks. Floating user licenses allow a registered user to simultaneously log into the Web server from multiple exam rooms or locations through a single user login account.

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