Technology | August 30, 2012

Brit Expands Cloud-Based Medical Image Sharing Services for HIEs, Enterprise Systems

Brit adds supplementary services for its Cloud medical image sharing platform

August 30, 2012 — Brit Systems Inc. has announced Cloud Premium, additional services for the Brit Cloud medical image-sharing platform. At RSNA 2011, Brit introduced a free 5GB DICOM (digital imaging and communications in medicine) server, offering basic secure upload, view and share features. Today, Brit Cloud hosts more than 500 sites, and now signs an average of 100 sites monthly. Brit Cloud Premium extends this service to support image sharing across IDNs and health information exchange (HIE) networks.

Hospitals in a network can seamlessly share images cross-enterprise and provide access to out-of-network users for secure review of studies from an advanced browser-based DICOM viewer. The platform allows outside users to upload studies to a network for review. Additionally, a caregiver from one facility can review the images acquired at any of the partner facilities from within their existing clinical portal. Images are accessible from smart phone and tablet browsers.

All studies for a patient are represented on a timeline. Brit supports hospital systems and networks regardless of implementation of a master patient index, as Brit’s Patient Discovery feature automatically assembles a patient’s medical imaging profile across a network.

Brit Systems has been implementing remote digital imaging solutions for nearly two decades, adhering to industry standards and initiatives for connectivity and interfacing. The Brit Roentgen Works Web technology supports a seamless image-sharing environment connecting all hospitals within a health system or HIE network from an Internet browser. The Brit Cloud platform hosts a cache of the studies, providing a more cost-effective environment than current solutions that utilize CDs, courier charges and staff time.

The premium Brit Cloud image-sharing offering can run in the Brit Cloud or can be hosted by an IDN or HIE if desired.

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