Technology | November 08, 2009
Breast MRI Takes to the Road

Aurora Imaging Technology will be launching the Aurora Breast MRI Mobile Solution at the 2010 RSNA conference.

Aurora is addressing concerns about patient volume, regional reimbursement, and the access to capital, with the Aurora Breast MRI Mobile System. The Mobile System is designed to help expand services, maximize market share and offer the latest technology advancements to you and your patients.

Each year Aurora continues to strive for new levels of excellence in breast imaging. In 2006 Aurora launched the proprietary Spiral image acquisition technology, and quickly established the reputation for providing superior image quality. RSNA 2008 marked the launch of AuroraEDGE to the breast imaging community and has since set a new standard for breast MRI. AuroraEDGE was designed to improve image resolution and reduce common breast MRI artifacts, resulting in the production of clear images of both breasts, axillae, chest wall and mediastinum in a single bilateral scan.

Exclusive to the Aurora Breast MRI System, AuroraEDGE offers breast radiologists the following specifications:
• 3-D Image Resolution 512x512, 250 slices
• 0.7 mm slice thickness, no gap between slices
• Offers isotropic true 0.7mm resolution in all 3 planes
• Post-contrast time points obtained at 90-seconds, 4.5-minutes, 7.5-minutes, and 10.5-minutes

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