News | October 09, 2007

Baxa Corp. Launches PadLock Set Saver for IV Safety

October 10, 2007 – The Baxa Corp. today launched its PadLock Set Saver, an aseptic IV administration set storage solution that can be swabbed and reused.
PadLock provides a secure seal for the end of the administration set, preventing contamination when the set is not being used for infusion. The company says it is effective for multiple uses, the Set Saver attaches to an IV administration set and replaces the need for sterile, single-use caps. The device is designed to promote best practice for aseptic IV administration set disconnections, preventing touch contamination and securing the IV line in between drug administrations. The maker also says the Set Saver also eliminates the use of IV administration set caps, which are a known choking hazard. The PadLock Set Saver provides temporary aseptic storage of the IV administration line when disconnected from the patient, replacing the need for disposable caps to maintain aseptic procedure.
PadLock minimizes the need to replace administration sets due to improper capping and potential contamination, potentially saving hospitals thousands of dollars per year in reduced IV complications and product replacements.

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