News | May 06, 2008

B. Braun Upgrades Ambulatory, Pain Management Pump

May 7, 2008 - B. Braun Medical Inc. launched at AACN, the Curlin 6000 CMS, an ambulatory electronic infusion system that reportedly revolutionizes reliable, smart infusion technology with multitherapy applications, made possible through its distribution agreement with Curlin Medical Inc.

The Curlin 6000 CMS is a comprehensive product that incorporates a convenient PCA pump with both PC and PDA connectivity and CMS (Clinical Management System) software. The system is an upgrade on the 4000 series and comes equipped with Information On Demand (IOD) technology and is capable of delivering IV therapy using syringes, bottles or bags. For added flexibility in hospital settings, the Curlin 6000 CMS offers multiple therapy modes beyond PCA, including TPN with ramp/taper, continuous and intermittent infusions in addition to PCA and epidural modes.

Adding to the features of the Curlin Pain Management System, the Curlin 6000 CMS has built-in safety features; such as integral free flow protection from upstream occlusion detection and programmable medication limits. It also possesses a larger color screen making it easier to read. The verification and confirmation of dose changes before implementation reduces the risk of programming errors and improves infusion outcomes for patient safety.

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