Technology | March 21, 2013

Automated Chiropractic Measurements Enhance Efficiency, Accuracy of Digital Image Management

Innovative platform marries mini-PACS with tabletop CR system for affordable digital image capture, review and storage

Carestream ImageSuite Software Imaging Orthopedic Imaging

March 21, 2013 — Carestream announced new measurement tools for chiropractic professionals that make its computer radiography (CR) systems with acquisition/mini-PACS (picture archive and communications system) software an even more attractive and efficient digital image capture and management solution. These systems can be purchased from Carestream or through their authorized Carestream dealers.

Carestream’s desktop Carestream Vita CR systems combined with Image Suite software provide a streamlined workflow and equip chiropractors with automated tools that can enhance the speed and simplicity of performing chiropractic measurements. This affordable solution delivers multi-site image review along with image management capabilities and archival storage.

“Our integrated CR and mini-PACS solution helps boost productivity in busy chiropractic offices, while offering a comprehensive set of tools that greatly simplify measurements that are essential in performing patient diagnosis and treatment,” said Heidi McIntosh, marketing manager, digital capture solutions, Carestream Health. “This system is so easy to use that chiropractors can be proficient with it the same day it is installed.”

McIntosh added that using this system delivers the increased flexibility offered by digital X-ray images, while eliminating a darkroom and chemicals required by radiographic film systems. “In addition to cost savings, the space previously devoted to a darkroom can be used for other profit-generating activities like massage or acupuncture. Having a digital imaging system is also an important marketing tool because many patients are aware of, and seek out, the advantages offered by digital X-ray technology.”

Carestream’s new measurement tools include:

  • Line Extension tool: measures the distance of a line connecting two points while “extending” the line to enhance visualization of how that line would extend through the anatomy
  • Measure from Vertical and Horizontal tools: provide an indication of how far two points are from each other relative to the vertical or horizontal axis
  • Cervical Curve and Lumbar Curve measurement tools: provide a curved overlay to help with measuring spinal curvature
  • George’s Line tool: compares the posterior margins between multiple vertebrae along the spinal column
  • Lippman-Cobb angle tool: helps measure the curvature of the spine for patients with scoliosis
  • Goniometry tool: measures angular alteration of the leg alignment
  • Coxometry tool: measures horizontal misalignment of the hip joints; and
  • Gonstead tool: measures various points of the hip joints, using the published Gonstead measurement techniques.

Image Suite software is not cleared for use with mammography exams in the United States.

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