News | June 26, 2008

ArthroCare Launches DoublePlay Osteoconductive Suture Anchor

June 27, 2008 - ArthroCare Corp. recently launched its new DoublePlay implant, a suture anchor device intended for soft tissue to bone fixation in surgical procedures such as rotator cuff repair.

The DoublePlay device is a fully threaded anchor and features an “eyeless” design, a new concept in the world of screw-in anchors. The design eliminates the risk of eyelet breakage, the most common mode of failure in standard absorbable anchors.

The company said DoublePlay is manufactured from a proprietary composite material, the first composite to be used in sports medicine with clinically proven osteoconductivity and replacement by bone. The material is used in ArthroCare’s Bilok interference screw, and it has a 10 year pedigree in ACL procedures without any reported cases of osteolysis or tibial cysts.

DoublePlay has received FDA clearance for fixation of suture to bone in the shoulder, foot, ankle, knee, hand, wrist, elbow and pelvis. The device is preloaded with Magnum wire.

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