News | November 06, 2006

American Surgical Hospital Association Becomes Physician Hospitals of America (PHA)

The American Surgical Hospital Association (ASHA) announced that it is changing its name to Physician Hospitals of America (PHA). The new name reflects the association’s focus to promote the advancement of hospitals that include physicians as owners.

Physician Hospitals of America was founded in 2001 and has nearly 100 members. PHA executive director Molly Gutierrez made the announcement today at the association’s annual conference, which is being held in Newport Beach, California at the Marriott Resort. PHA offers support, advocacy and educational services to the physician-owned hospital industry, reflecting at all times the best interests of the patients, physicians, and other specialty providers who play an inextricable and essential role in the provision of healthcare services.

“With the end of the federal government’s moratorium on physician ownership in hospitals, the physician-owned hospital industry is growing again,” says Jim Grant, current President of the board of PHA. “Physician-owned hospitals are good for patients, for physicians, for communities and for the healthcare industry.”

Currently, there are approximately 125 hospitals across the U.S. with at least partial ownership by physicians. Additional development is expected across the United States.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), specialty hospitals "offer improved, cost-effective care." They "encourage competition between and among health facilities, which has led to the delivery of higher quality, more efficient and innovative health care in the communities in which they are located."

“The future of physician-owned hospitals is exciting,” says Gutierrez. "It is our belief that the physician-owned hospital industry is poised for great success. The realization of such success will certainly benefit the quality of care, efficiency of treatment and choice of service currently available to patients."

PHA is hosting its annual meeting November 2 to 4 in Newport Beach, California. For more information, call 605.275.5349.

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