This is a Philips Brilliance computed tomography (CT) scanner used by Henry Ford Hospital’s radiation oncology department to perform treatment planning at its Cottage campus location in Detroit. The location houses the hospital’s MRI-guided radiation therapy MRIdian linac system.  While the MRI-linac allows for on-the-fly treatment plan corrections with the live imaging, traditional treatment plans are still created for the system using a CT scan. However, Henry Ford is starting to perform MRI-only radiation therapy imaging in some types of cancers and uses software to generate synthetic CT images for planning from the MR images.

If you look through the bore you can see an empty water phantom used to QA the CT scanner. To the left and right of the CT system along the walls are the laser projectors used to help precisely align the patient on the table. On the table is a head and neck immobilization mask customized to a specific patient.

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