RADinfo Systems

43676 Trade Center Place
Dulles, VA 20166

Established in 1993 with steady growth every year, RADinfo SYSTEMS is well known in the marketplace as a leading innovator and developer of software and systems for diagnostic and radiological imaging. Several modality manufacturers depend on RADinfo SYSTEMS for custom DICOM software solutions that enhance their product lines and allow them to better serve their customers. Digital imaging has transformed the healthcare industry, enabling radiologists and other physicians to provide faster, more accurate diagnoses. RADinfo SYSTEMS brings a unique vision to medical imaging, launching a full range of Windows based, HL7- and DICOM-compliant software that integrates images with their associated patient/study data and transmits them to physicians to improve the delivery of both urgent and routine patient care.
In the new millennium, RADinfo SYSTEMS continues to expand with installations throughout the United States, especially within the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. Installations throughout Europe and Asia have given RADinfo SYSTEMS a truly global presence in the world marketplace.
Closer to home, at its headquarters in Dulles, Virginia, the company continues to pioneer innovative DICOM solutions in response to the ever-changing demands of the digital radiology community.

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