InSite One

135 N. Plains Industrial Road
Wallingford, CT 06492

InSiteOne is the leading medical imaging archiving service for diagnostic imaging with proven solutions that protect the present and provide tools to build for the future.
Beginning with the versatile suite of InDex® Web-enabled archiving services combining on-and off-site storage with built-in disaster recovery InDex offers streamlined solutions fine-tuned to a client’s workflow. InDex integrates with any PACS, hospital network and digital modality via DICOM standards to provide HIPAA-compliant, affordable storage that keeps pace with a client’s evolving needs and emerging technology, while transferring archiving costs from capital to operational budgets.
Recovery Plus™ represents InSiteOne’s disaster recovery services with continuous disk protection for one or more transactional systems eliminating incremental tape backups and creating point in time restorations with the ability to provide off-site copies of data backup. Recovery Plus enhances the client’s ability to return to operation quickly.

With state-of-the-art encryption, geographically dispersed mirrored archiving and deep storage centers InSite One provides these solutions transparently, ensuring easy and reliable access to data whenever it’s needed. InSiteOne’s suite of seamless workflow solutions offer clients peace of mind.

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