News | May 01, 2008

Viztek Releases Mobile Imaging Vehicle

May 2, 2008 - Viztek introduced its fully equipped mobile imaging vehicles capable of imaging patients virtually anywhere.

The Honda Element comes outfitted with Viztek Opal-RAD PACS and Kodak Point-of-Care CR.

Viztek’s image compression technology reportedly gives mobile imaging units the freedom to communicate data quickly and securely, using wireless hotspots, cellular wireless cards and satellite connections of almost any strength.

The Viztek mobile imaging vehicles can also fully support ultrasound technology. The cars are complete with Opal-MULTI-POINT (Opal-MP), comprising on-board notebook computers, pre-programmed with Viztek’s Acquire software that automatically pushes images to the radiology practice’s main Opal-RAD server.

Storing images on a central Viztek Opal server allows a radiology practice to take control of its report turn-around times, said Viztek. It enables the practice to contract multiple radiologists to read exams from any location, promoting faster report returns.

To use the technology, remote radiologists log into the Opal-RAD Web-based PACS, which downloads from the headquarters’ central server. Then they read and dictate directly into the system. The radiology practice can maintain several contracted transcriptionists around the country, who can log in remotely and transcribe exams.

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