News | April 22, 2007

Vital Signs Collection System (VSC) Streamlines Nurse Workflow at Bedside

April 23, 2007 — IntelliDOT Corp. has announced the debut of the CAREt Vital Signs Collection (VSC) System, which electronically captures and documents patient vital signs at the point of care.

The CAREt VSC System allows the caregiver to document a patient's vital signs information. The vital signs product is designed to complement IntelliDOT's existing suite of patient safety solutions, allowing nurses to collect vital signs before, during or after the medication administration process.

The system utilizes the same wireless hand-held device and can populate the eMAR or electronic flow sheets and/or print on separate patient-specific flow sheets.

The CAREt VSC System joins IntelliDOT's suite of patient safety solutions, all designed to enhance the organization of workflow at the bedside. The CAREt Handheld guides the nurse through all required tasks, automatically queuing critical tasks and displaying information for action in a straightforward manner.

The CAREt System also eliminates a significant amount of time required for charting of patient records at the end of a shift, as the system captures information electronically during the course of the day.

The CAREt System is the first nurse-centered workflow manager to connect caregivers with the information systems they need at the point of care. Designed to complement the way nurses work, the hand-held CAREt System is simple to use and provides nurses with a single, wireless tool for medication safety and documentation at the bedside.

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