Technology | February 20, 2008

Vision Sciences’ Video-Based Cystoscopy Line Gains FDA Nod

Vision-Sciences Inc. received FDA 510(k) clearance to market its new advanced digital, video-based flexible Cystoscope, used in conjunction with an integrated "built-in" light source, eliminating the need for a separate camera head, light guide cable and optical coupler. The Cystoscope is the third in the series of advanced digital endoscopy platforms introduced by Vision-Sciences. The lightweight videoscopes are said to facilitate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with the introduction of a diameter videoscope insertion tube containing a high-resolution, miniature CCD (charge coupled device) camera at the tip of the insertion tube, offering a sharp, high-definition full screen image.

Vision-Sciences’ scopes are used in combination with the company’s patented, disposable and sterile Slide-On EndoSheath technology that covers the entire scope. The proprietary EndoSheath technology not only isolates the endoscope from the patient, but contains a disposable operative channel.